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Mama Tyad

I’m pregnant. And excited. And filled with gratitude. And joy. And love. And light.

But can I be honest?  Can I take a minute to let my mommy/woman guard down for a minute? This is a safe space….a judge free zone, which means I can speak my truth and your thoughts disappear into the abyss (I say this all in the most loving way possible).

I am exhausted!  Not regular tired. Or grad school tired. Or working mom tired. Or planning a wedding tired. Or surviving summer heat while running a youth camp tired. I am end of first trimester tired and I swear that on tired scale this is the highest level possible.

It legit takes the grace of God to get me out of bed each morning.  Never mind getting the kid to the bus stop on time, with a healthy lunch and in good spirits.  I’m typically good up until lunch when the weight of the world falls ever so ungracefully upon my shoulders.  I take my vitamins, I drink water, I eat as healthy as one who is constantly nauseous can and I’ve even been to the gym twice (remember, judge free zone).

I’m sure I’ll look back on this time when I only had one kid to take care of and reminisce about how easy things were and how I remember finding out I was pregnant, but that time is NOT now.  Yes, I am rushing this stage.  Not the entire pregnancy (I can’t wait until I pop), but this extreme first third...this can pass!

Phew! I’m glad I got that out.  I almost feel a bit more energized.  Free:)

Until next time:)


Livin’ La Vida Leslye

wait for it

wait for it